iMac 21.5" & 27" Yellow Tint Tests

Recently, I wanted to buy a second hand 27" iMac. I learned that there are issues with the screen showing a "yellow tint (tinge)". There were tests available at tapplox.com but these links no longer work. I recreated the tests from a snapshot of that website on the Internet Archive and made them available here. Please read the test instructions below or watch the instruction video before testing your screen.

Test Instructions

Source: forums.macrumors.com

Go to the link below with the height and width of your browser window maximized.

  1. While focussing your eyes on the grey bars at the bottom
  2. Resize the height of your browser window so that the grey boxes are almost touching
  3. Resize the browser back to full size
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 several times. Do the test while you are looking directly at the screen, do not tilt your screen up or down. Align your eyes perpendicular to the screen.

Note: Your screen may have the yellow tinge on a corner as opposed to the entire bottom. The following links might be useful to help you look for them.

Instruction Video